Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hanging out with Halo Halo

On a chilly January evening BOW! met up with Nica and Joseph from the Halo Halo team.

We kept warm chatting on the underground and sipping on hot chocolates, coffees and teas.


Halo-Halo, the television series, brings the Filipino diaspora worldwide, TOGETHER! "Let's Mix It Up!"

From the United Kingdom to the United States of America all the way east to the Philippines. Danica and Joseph travel the emigration route BACKWARDS. This is a journey of the Filipino diaspora, this is the Philippines, this is Halo-Halo!
"Halo-Halo!” from the Tagalog word “Halo”, which literally interprets as “Mix”, is the name for the extremely popular dessert which has it’s origins within the islands.

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Peace, Love & BOW!


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