Tuesday, 28 August 2012

BOW! Rocks at Pacha London

BOW! smashes Pacha London with another show stopping catwalk.

Photography by Projoe Photography: projoephotography.com/

On Saturday 18th August, BOW! produced another stunning catwalk show from BOW! thanks to the I love Fashion, I love Pacha / Clubexclu and Pacha London team.

To view more photos visit and 'Like' BOW!s fanpage: facebook.com/BOWbyoneoffpinkribbon

Everybody looked amazing! Thank you to everyone who came to support BOW!

BOW! would not be the success it is without you.

Peace, Love & BOW!

Friday, 10 August 2012

BOW! at Pacha!

It's gonna be mega! And we're gonna party hard!

RSVP: oneoffpinkribbon@gmail.com

Complimentary tickets are limited so hurry to get yours!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

BOW! Catwalk at Pacha London!!!

Hey, hey, hey BOW!-sters, get your clubbing gear on for BOW!s next catwalk show at Pacha London!

There is plenty of bare sexy torsos and pretty girls to be had rocking BOW!

When is it I hear you cry? Saturday 18th August is the answer!

For more info click on the Facebook event: facebook.com/events/342384562502256/
visit Pacha's website: pachalondon.com/events/view/556

Hope to see you there it's gonna be a crazy night!

Peace, Love & BOW!